A Witches Tool Kit…

By November 3, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Quite often if you enter a witchy house hold there will be an Aladdin’s cave of interesting objects, various books, charms and tools to draw your attention.

Most witches will have these items either because they are part of their everyday tool kit or just because they speak to them in some way that makes them invaluable. The key is to use tools that you feel comfortable with, but if you are just beginning to walk this path here are a few suggestions to start you on your way…

The majority of your work will be carried out at your altar, ideally find a quiet space with in the home that will not be disturbed and where you can spend time uninterrupted. The size of the area does not matter but it essential that you use items that you feel a connection to.

Cloths are often used to cover the altar, the colour will depend on what you wish to achieve but often purple represents spirituality. You will also need to represent the 5 elements Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. The use of a pentacle is essential to spell casting as it represents all 5 elements and is also used for spiritual protection. It should be displayed with the tip of the star pointing upwards and sitting centrally on the altar.

Candles are often used in spell casting and meditation and represent Air and Fire. Various colours of candles will be used depending on the ritual being carried out. To balance the altar also include the elements of earth and water. Crystals hold earth energy and so can be used for grounding.

Incense can help to clear the energy within the space – again the type used will depend on the ritual you are performing.

Cauldrons a traditional symbol of a witch are used in spell casting and to make potions. Alternatively a small metal bowl can also be used, if you only have a small area in which to work. You will also need to have a supply of herbs, which due to their magical properties are used in various rituals and spells.

A bell will also be useful as it helps to clear energies and can be used during banishment spells. If you feel negative energies building up ring the bell to help disperse them.

Finally obtain an Athame which is a ritual Knife – usually with a black hand. These are often used in casting ritual circles and recalling them. It is not a knife which is actually used to cut so can be made out of wood if you prefer.

It is also important that you keep a record or journal of any spells that you cast this will often be referred to as a witches – book of shadows. Note the date, time, moon phase, tools and ingredients that you use. Always go back and record the outcome of the spell so that you can refine it if necessary.

The above are examples of basic tools that can be used. However other items like wands, chalices, deities etc. can also be incorporated. The key is listening to your own instincts and use what works for you.