Big hug to say thank you!

By October 26, 2015July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

Hugging_heartWhat’s cooking In the cauldron?

Once again THANK YOU! The Mind Body Soul Show at Alexander Palace was amazing!

To my London Lovelies …………………… WOW!

I sooooooooooooooooooo did not realise how big London was and when I said “hey come for a hug ….”

I DID NOT realise that some of you would have to travel 2 hours to cross London to see me …….( small town girl I am!)

AND YET ……………………….. you came! Oh my goodness, how blessed we were and to meet some of you in person after reading for you for 7 + years was awesome!

Then to come bearing gifts as well, I feel very humble, thank you.

To the wonderful Ms P, the champagne to celebrate the weekend was lovely xx

We have already re-booked a bigger stand for next year so hopefully we will see you all there again as well as the beautiful “new” Twiglets we met!

We have just 4 days at home now and then off to Taunton to our last retreat of the year, which as the veil thins and we celebrate Samhain will be incredibly special.

And then back to prepare for WESTON SUPER MARE! Carnival weekend and also the switching on of the Christmas lights, so a weekend to look forward to.

Sending you all Big Lynnie Hugs and Blessings but most of all thank you for your support … laughter and Love xx