What’s cooking in the Cauldron?

By January 13, 2016July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

It`s been a strange start to the this Year of 2016!

The low energy that seemed to be hanging over the end of 2015 has drifted like a fog into 2016 and left most of us feeling low …….

Strangely the more people that I have spoken to, the more that it transpires this energy has seeped in to our innermost thoughts, causing us to question our lives, purpose and mortality ……….

How grim this all feels…. such big questions: Why am I here? How long am I here for? And is it worth it was one question I was asked this week!
Answer……….. YES!!!

Remember, this is our playground ………….. here we learn …

We scrape our knees, we laugh, we get bullied, sometimes we are the nasty ones ….. when pain steps in and we lash out to cause pain …. but ultimately, we LOVE.

So let us start loving out the negative energy and loving in the positive.

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I always think that music is so emotive and there are so many messages out there that we miss because it is not in our genre so have posted the lyrics of Kabirs Song from the beautiful songbird Snatam Kaur feel the words, sing the words and make the vibration of Love, Peace and Healing YOUR vibration x x x ENJOY!

Bright Blessings
Lynn x

Snatam Kaur – Kabir’s Song

Oh my Soul, you come and you go
Through the paths of time and space.
In useless play you’ll not find the way
So set your goals and go.
Sing such a song with all your life
You will never have to sing again.
Love such a one with all your heart
You will never need to love again.
Oh my Soul you come and you go (etc) …
Walk such a path with all your faith
You will never have to wander again.
Give yourself to such a Guru
You will never have to seek again.
Oh my Soul … (etc)
Pray such a prayer with all your soul
You will never have to pray again.
Die such a death at the feet of God
You will never have to die again.
Oh my Soul … (etc)
Breathe my Love
Breathe my Love
Breathe in the quiet centre.