The Elementals – Gnomes

By February 23, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


The Elementals
The four elements are so often discussed Earth, Air, Fire and Water and so we must also acknowledge the Elementals!

  • Gnomes, spirit of the earth
  • Undines, spirit of water
  • Sylphs, spirit of Air
  • Salamanders, spirit of fire

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The Gnomes of the Earth –  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – these elementals work for the land.

The word Gnome comes from the Latin word gnoma, which means knowledge. It also comes from the Latin genomous which means earth-dweller and this is what Gnomes are … they are of the Earth – guardians and protectors. They represent stability and security. They are serious in their outlook, having a strong sense of duty and responsibility and yet have an amazing sense of humour. They guard the earth`s treasures and like to hoard!

Working with Gnomes means that you will work with the earth and all its aspects and they correspond with North. They guard and guide our stability. In Magic, when we call on the power of the Gnome they can help with finances, business ventures and fertility issues. They are amazing when we need help with finances, home and cultivating our gardens.

To connect with Gnome energy sit where it is dark and quiet. Outside caves, quiet moss covered places by bridges or at the base of a tree are the best places to attune to Gnome energy. Ask them to bring their solid energy to the situation that you are trying to deal with.