The Art of Spell Casting

By August 12, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


The art of spell casting… sounds amazing, mysterious… and sometimes scary.

However, it is my quest in life to take away fear. Magic is natural and always has been, but unfortunately as with most things cloaks are drawn around it so that it is thought to be only for the chosen few or those that are dedicated only to walking a wiccan path, I do not believe that, I feel that once you tap into the magic, then! You will find that walking the Wiccan path will follow, as you experience the joys, excitement and as with most beginners the surprise that YES my spell worked it will become as natural as brushing your teeth everyday. So to begin, we are 21st century spell casters and usually on the run! We do not always have the luxury for the ritual either with time or cost and on reading some spell books it can be quite costly to gather all the ingredients for your spell, and this is how I want you to think as budding spell weavers .You are Grand cooks in the making. Think of spell casting as baking… you are here to make a cake plain beautiful sponge that will do the job…or you can be the cake boss with cream and fondant and sparkles and trimming. Still does the job but adds that extra! Would you expect your 1st cake to be a 3 tier wedding cake? of course not so be patient. Take time to prepare and learn as you go. YOUR spells are unique to you, they are filled with your intent / needs /desires so take ownership of them, think about what it is that you are spelling for, don’t blindly grab at spell books for these are other peoples spells and there as a guide for you, to give you a basic recipe for YOUR MAGIC! The most important thing about spell casting/weaving is YOUR INTENT and you MUST ALWAYS work with good intent.

Firstly gather your “ingredients” then you must caste your circle around them. The simplest way to do this is to walk around your cleared space 3 times either using your wand, besom, or sage around the area that you choose to work in, my sacred space has my little table in it. Then once you have created your sacred space allow yourself to sit in the silence/meditate to connect with the universe before you caste your spell so to work with candle magic firstly you charge the candles you wish to work with.

Charging your candles

  • To charge your candle means to fill with your personal power
  • For a candle to burn effectively you must charge it with your need or requirement
  • Hold your candle in both hands firmly
  • Close your eyes and repeat your need aloud
  • Repeat the charge 9 times , feel your personal power travel from your hands into your candle
  • Then sit quietly holding your candle for 5 minutes visualising receiving your request
  • Repeat this 3 times and then light your candle and let it burn
  • It is possible to use a white candle for all magic but if you have to use a white candle instead of a colored one go through the charging ritual 6 times not 3
  • Tea lights can also be used so that your spell working can be discreet if you need it to be
  • Candles can also be dressed with oils

When lighting your candles or tea-lights, always remember to light them with intent, with reverence, with hope, with a prayer, a wish, a cosmic order, for these will be taken straight to spirit. If you are blessed enough not to require any of the above then send up intent for someone that does or for our beautiful mother earth for she will always needs our prayers. There are many ways to work with candles and with this in mind work with what are recognized as the magical colors and their significance: White or silver represents purity, innocence, protection and for attuning with the Goddess to meditate, for protection and increased spiritual awareness. Green represents stability, finances, fertility, good fortune, or money. Light Blue represents tranquillity, calm, health, patience and understanding. Dark Blue represents wisdom, knowledge, psychic dreaming and help with insomnia. Yellow or gold represents communication, psychic abilities and attraction. Pink represents honour, success, morality, affection, unconditional love and prosperity. Purple represents physical fitness, business success, power and ambition. Orange represents creativity, adaptability and imagination. Brown represents grounding, neutrality, and help with uncertainty or decision making. Red represents all aspects of love. Black dispels negative energy and confusion.

i.e following a rift in a relationship/or to rid negativity from yourself to be open for a new one take a black candle and place on the left this is to remove negativity from the situation a white on the right of this to bring in new beginnings, the black and white will also bring in balance as they work together and in the middle a pink for unconditional love and if you want to a red for passion.

However when asking for Love do not put a persons name to it as this is against the ethics of spell casting. Always be mindful of the last eight words of the Wiccan rede “DO WHAT YE WILL BUT HARM YE NONE” and trying to affect some ones free will is causing harm Instead ask for beautiful, unconditional love to be brought into your life and trust that it will be.

Always the remember the Magic the power is in you. Do keep a journal of your spell casting as this will be a good point of reference of what works and doesn’t.