Celebrate the Season of Bounty – Lammas…

By July 28, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

This is one of the year`s natural pauses when we can sit back and enjoy the warm weather and what we have achieved in the year so far – 1st August.

In the past Lammas was celebrated by our ancestors to give thanks for the first harvest and to show gratitude for the food that they had. We can still do this today…

Why not have a special meal on this day and give thanks for the positives in your life. You could dress the table you are eating at with candles and flowers as you would an altar.

Using yellows and gold clothes to represent the corn.

Make the meal and the table a focal point of your celebration. If you have guests you could leave a gift at each place setting – may be a card with a note, explaining why you are grateful they are in your life or a positive comment about them.

You could also carry out a ritual of breaking the bread before your meal…

Breaking of bread ritual

Place the bread in the centre of the table (can be home-made) and take turns to each break off a piece of the bread.

Each person can then say what they have achieved this year and what they would like to achieve – then the person should eat their piece of bread, to symbolise the spiritual and physical nourishment of those achievements.

End the ritual by wishing everyone a Happy Lammas!

This ritual can help you to reflect on what you have achieved during the year so far. It also helps us to focus on what foundations we need to lay down for the year ahead as we move towards winter.