Be in your power, shine in your light!

By January 26, 2016July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

This Year is still fresh and new … and although we have probably eaten the chocolate we banished on the first of the month … or decided to let the running shoes “dry out” for another couple of days …. its ok!

We will put them on again when the spring weather starts to appear and we feel the urge to get fit.

But what we must establish now and stay true are the boundaries that we are setting …

We set the boundaries for ourselves… get thin … get fit … these are boundaries, goals that we can physically see…
BUT it is the unseen boundaries that you must implement and stay strong with…

We hope and wish for love and respect … but not everyone will show you this and when they walk away taking what they will from their encounter with you, it is also for you to learn the lesson.

As I say so many times
“If you lie on the floor people will invariably walk all over you”
SO GET UP! …. do not be a door mat! …
be strong …. be loving …. be the healers and the menders but ….
Not at the expense of yourselves! You don’t help anyone by letting them break you xx

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Sounds a bit harsh for me I know ….
but this year is about you, being IN YOUR POWER, SHINING IN YOUR LIGHT, STRONG, CAPABLE
…… that is what Spirit want for you x x x

Bright Blessings,