An absolute delight to talk to

As always, Lynn gets right to the heart of the matter! No nonsense and practical approach, she empowers you to take control and move forward! An absolute delight to talk to! x


Real Connection

Great website. I feel a real connection with you.


Lynn sees the inner you

Ever wanted people to see you for the person you are on the inside and not judge you for your looks, your ethnicity or other societal beliefs, at Lynn’s workshops and retreats no one sees the outer you, only the inner you, your core, your soul, your spirit and will greet you as an old friend and openly welcome you in and teach you how to unlock yourself to a happier balanced life.


A wonderful Teacher

Lynn is a wonderful teacher. Her groups and workshops are always full of laughter and love. She gently guides you on your spiritual journey by sharing her passion for her way of life and work. Thank you Lynn, you are such a special lady x


Excellent! I can’t wait to ring her back; great warm, easy going personality. Worth all the 20 minutes; I didn’t want the reading to stop!


I absolutely adored the reading with the ribbons. She gives great insight and a wonderful overall view of the bigger picture.


I had my first reading with Lynn and my first-ever ribbon reading and I was very impressed. Lynn and her ribbons were very accurate. The messages are delivered directly and with warmth. I highly recommend everyone try a ribbon reading with Lynn!


I found Lynn to be an absolute delight! She is warm, positive, and very accurate. I enjoyed every moment of my reading and will be back for a lot more!


Lynn was immediately able to understand me so completely that I was really able to relax and enjoy her reading and messages from spirit! She is very gifted and qualified and the ribbons brought a refreshing color into the experience. She is a wonderful reader!! I highly recommend her and thank her from the heart for my reading!


Lynn sees your spirit. She will greet you as an old friend and openly welcome you in and teach you how to unlock yourself to a happier and balanced life.

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