Have you ever woken up and felt like you haven’t slept a wink? Or awoken in a strong emotional state – it could be anger or immense happiness or woken up in tears? Or found yourself waking with an emotion from a dream that is so powerful it has remained with you for a whole day or even days and weeks? Perhaps you have experienced a profound sense of de-ja-vu with a particular situation or conversation, where you know exactly what is going to be said or done next and then the realization that you have been through this experience before because you dream it. But was it a dream or was it a prophecy, a spirit visit and or a premonition?

I truly believe that powerful dreams such as the ones I’ve described are spirit visits. We do remember them. I still remember quite clearly (as if I had dream it yesterday) how my own grandmother came to me in the dream time and saved my baby girl from choking.

The dream was of me at a station. I can still see clean white cars (not trains) pulling up at a platform, a group of beautiful light people coming forward and greeting the person getting out of the car and the scene repeating itself over and over again. I remember that some of the groups of light beings were large some small and sometimes only one individual stepped forward to greet the people arriving. No matter how big or small the welcome parties were, I felt an overwhelming sense of pure unconditional love envelope the arriving parties as they stepped onto the platform.

As soon as the penny dropped that I was witnessing people arriving in the world of spirit, being greeted with love by those who had gone before, my own grandmother stepped forward holding out her arms. Without a word being spoken, I knew that she had come for my baby. Such was the horror of that realization that I awoke to the weirdest gurgling sound. My baby had vomited in her sleep, swallowed it and was choking. I picked her up, smacked her back and with a huge cry, she gasped the life back into her! By waking me they saved her, and I truly believe this.

They were showing me where we go, not to be afraid that we are loved and that they were collecting my little one but the fear of losing her woke me! Thank you Spirit, Nan and God – thank you and thank you again!!!

This taught me well. I listen to my dreams! I keep a dream journal for I feel that these serve us well. When I wake and can remember my dream, I write it down. I acknowledge the emotions that came with it and I date it. As the weeks and months pass and I get the de-ja-vu moment, I find by referring back to my dream journal I can tick off the things that have come about in my waking hours.

With my students, I explain that how as the ticks have built in the dream diary, the trust grows and with that trust the dream time connections become stronger. In this busy life we lead, we often ignore the help that is available and given us by the Universe, God, Source, Spirit, They, or It (call it what you will). If you work with them, they will work with you in the dream time.

Shaman all over the world work with spirit in the dream time to get answers, they journey with that intent. Dreams do answer our questions, not always with spoken word sometimes with symbols. Experts can decipher and read the symbols, explaining to us the meanings or messages that we are given in the dream time.

Keep a Dream Journal and Interpret Common Symbols and Themes:
Keep a journal beside your bed with a pen. Upon awakening, look at your dream and see if there is any relevance to what has gone on in your day.

  1. What was the theme of the dream?
  2. Is it a recurring dream?
  3. Where were you? Where did it take place? Was it somewhere you knew or a new place?
  4. Who was in the dream? Were they known to you from work, home or complete strangers? List the people in it.
  5. Log your emotions were you happy, sad, excited, scared?
  6. What symbols did you see? Was there anything prominent – birds, cars, trains, trees?
  7. Were there any significant words or phrases?
  8. Was it in color?
  9. Was it day or night?
  10. Was it hot or cold?
  11. Was it a specific season?
  12. Write the date.

There are many websites devoted to giving out dream meanings but here is a sample of some common items/places or things:

Attic: represents higher self.

Babies: represent new beginnings, opportunities and a craving to be nurtured.

Beds: symbolize security, warmth and comfort.

Being bitten or biting: symbolizes aggression.

Birds: represent the higher self.

Books: represent knowledge or the start or end of a chapter in your life.

Cellars: symbolize the unconscious mind.

Being Chased: suggests you are running away from a situation that you find threatening, scary or that is dominating your life. Perhaps there are issues and problems that you are not facing or dealing with.

Drowning: represents repression or we are repressing something, have we allowed ourselves to become engulfed by subconscious issues or that we are struggling to keep our head above water.

To Fall: occasionally means we are feeling insecure and that we have failed in some way.

Falling: can occur when we feel out of control or are overwhelmed by a situation. The meaning can be interpreted that it is time to let go.

Flying or Floating: invokes a feeling of bliss and freedom, usually you awake with an overwhelming feeling of joy, exhilaration and a sense of optimism.

Houses: usually represent self (the dreamer).

Living Room: represent everyday life – the state of the rooms is relevant ie if it is tidy, neat, airy and sunny or cramped and dirty.

Nakedness or Nudity: to dream that you are naked in public represents a need or want to be free. It could be that we are not saying what we mean or freedom of expression, afraid of disapproval if we reveal our true selves.

Losing Teeth: traditionally that has been interpreted as a warning against ill health, but it can also suggest a fear of aging, loss of power, sexual unattractive or fear of change.

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