Working with the Elements – Air

By September 19, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Air = Intellect

It is the breath of life and connects to the Soul.

Air is the element of inspiration, thought and planning.

It is belief and concentration and brings change and freshness – anything that relates to being wise, needing wisdom.

It can help to fan the flames of Fire, to add to a fire spell. It can blend and form with Fire ( steam ).

It gives the Earth inspiration and fertility so use with an earth spell.

Air will help to carry your healing, love and positive thoughts to where you direct them.

It will blow your troubles away!

The correspondences to the Element of Air are

  • The New Moon… the maiden and all of her characteristics – fresh starts, new beginnings!
  • The Spring
  • The Dawn

Colours to work with Air are pale lemons and turquoise

Air is a good element to use to clear negativity from your energy and home or workplace.

Take a sage or incense stick light it and blow it out and using the smoke cleanse your aura, your energy.

Cleansing our own energy is as important as showering or brushing your teeth, so keep it clean!

To cleanse your home or workplace, do the same – light your smudging sage stick or incense stick and working clockwise around the room

waft the stick around 3 times clockwise in each corner, you will feel the energy change and lift once you have done this!

If you cannot use smoke in your workplace take a bell or clap loudly three times in each corner

The musical notes or sound will also work with the Air element and cleanse

There are far more complicated ways of cleansing and performing Air spells but try to work on the KISS theory ……. KEEP IT SIMPLE x x

Blessings Lynn x x