Working with elements -Water

By October 13, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Water = emotions ….Instincts

Water is free flowing, It gives life and allows life to form and live within it.

In nature it instinctively flows and makes a channel to the sea, and the one thing we must do (as with energy) is to allow water to stagnate… It will be come dark and dank, and smelly!

Water is healing whether to cleanse or to bless to cool and soothe or in a hot water bottle to ease pain.
It can quell a fire helping to reduce its explosive nature and used with fire can transform it to steam.
It allows the Earth to be nourished and to become fertile and give life.

It can blend with Air and create fabulous clouds to scry with or create a storm!

Working with the element of water allows us to tune in to our instincts, our psychic ability our innermost emotions,
and when we empathise and sympathise we can produce – tears.

Tears are not a failing or a weakness, they can show great pain or Joy but ultimately they are healing.

It allows true emotions to flow and unite us, becoming one.

The correspondences to water are.

The Waning Moon … the wise woman and her wisdom … the crone and her knowledge of life.

The Sunset and the Autumn

Use the colours of Dark Blue and Black when working with water energy

Water is best used for Harmony and harmony in the home, peace and gentleness, psychic enhancement, developing psychic ability healing the past and past emotions as well as the physical body and peace.

Water element brings a safety and peace to your magical work but will cause intense emotions to rise if working with emotional healing so be gentle with yourself.

Blessings Lynn x x