Working with elements – Fire

By September 29, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Fire = Energy

It can be creative and destructive ,

It is the element of leadership and authority it is a masculine energy

It can be strong yet warm ,

It represents spiritual energy and binds all the other elements together

It can give light to ideas , Inspiration = Air

It can give ideas strength =Earth

It can give warmth to feelings , emotions= water

Fire was used by our ancestors and we also use it to warm our homes , cook our food …. light our way ..

Unlike the other elements it does not exist in a natural state , its physical form exists by consuming another element ,

It is a transformer changing other energy and objects into other forms ….heat , light steam , smoke ash .

To feel the strength of this element stand in the heat of a full summer sun ,

Use the flame of a candle to focus and immerse yourself in the flame and fire energy,

Work with its energy in candle magic !

correspondences to Fire are the Full moon … the Mother … bountiful , giving, strong

The Summer and Noon are good times when working with fire energy

Work with the colours red and burnt orange

Use the flame of a candle to focus and immerse yourself in the flame and fire energy ,

Focus on a log or coal fire and as you zone into its energy watch the flames turn into pictures to answer the questions that you have ,

Use Fire energy to bring determination , to your magic , your spells ,your manifestations and use it for change ,

To break bad habits , for clearing and cleansing , to manifest passion into your Love and romance , to add passion to your spells !

Do not use fire energy for calming emotions ,

Use in spells on a Full Moon for Action , success in leadership roles , Willpower and confidence .

Be Bold when working with Fire ! ….. but please be careful xx

Blessings Lynn x x