Winter Awakening

By February 6, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

winter awakeningAs winter draws to an end, many of us will feel that our energies are drained and this in turn can affect our mood and vitality. When practicing a Wiccan lifestyle this can be even more telling. Especially when carrying out rituals and spells.

The world around us is charged full of energy as is the Moon and the Sun. When practicing Wicca we are able to tap into these energies and use them for positive intent. This however can be more challenging during the winter months, due to our own energy levels feeling depleted. As we know with spring approaching we should replace the herbs etc. that we use in spell casting to ensure their strength. Therefore we should also look at how we can, raise our own vibrational energies. This will need to be done both physically and mentally.

Meditation can be a good way of raising your vibrational energy. One way of doing this can be to visualise a warm light, gently travelling over you. Spreading slowly out to the very edges of your body. Then allow this light to gentle returning to your core.

Physically build on your energy stores, this could be with the use of drums, dancing or chanting. These activities can be done alone or within a group.

Always be mindful to counteract any excess energy created at these times. Ensure that you ground yourself by either placing your palms against the floor until you feel settled again or sit quietly and have a small snack and a drink.

Hopefully you will begin to feel energised and in tune with yourself ready for spring.