Visualise and attract love

By February 11, 2015July 11th, 2023News

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If you desire more love in your life, or want to send and feel more love in the lives of those around you then all you need to do is focus upon the energy of love.

Love symbols can assist us in focusing on this energy.
To help you connect with the energy of love and to help you open up the opportunities of love to flow to you,
However remember NEVER focus on a particular person.
DO NOT attempt to BIND OR INFLUENCE another in this way as NO-ONE should interfere with someone`s FREE WILL.
So when asking for LOVE ask the Universe God / Goddess the Divine to send you unconditional love / passionate love / everlasting love!
But NOT a named person, trust and KNOW that what is rightfully yours
WILL NOT PASS YOU BYE so if it is the person you want then it is meant to be.

Choose a love symbol that resonates with you , there are many symbols that can represent love to you , typically the most common symbol people will visualise is

  • Full shaped red heart these have always been used for prayers and rituals to bring or strengthen love in your life
  • Apple is a symbol of Love, abundance, ecstasy and fertility
  • Roses are a beautiful because they represent purity, sensualness, sacredness and romance

Once you have decided on a symbol to work with put the image in a prominent place where you will see it frequently.

Meditate with the symbol – and visualise every detail of it and feel the energy of love linking you to it. Visualise your symbol before you go to sleep and again upon waking.

Create a love journal, similar to your dream journals.
Write of all the feelings and images that your love symbol brings to your mind and heart.
Find pictures in magazines that show a story of how you want love in your life…..
A home, fun, laughter wedding rings hearts, flowers whatever you feel happy with!
But Most importantly keep your symbol in your thoughts, remain positively focused on your highest idea of love .


Brightest of Blessings Lynn x x