The Goddess

By June 3, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

tumblr_m6p4zjfEPu1qdbrcgo1_500Who Is the Goddess?
Why should we honour and revere her?
As far back as 30,000 years ago people of Earth worshipped a female deity.

All around the world the Goddess has been recognized, honoured, revered and Loved.
In caves and temples, woodland groves and Cathedrals, through ritual, myth and art.
The path of the Goddess is not defined or written in dogma, it is a living daily connection with love and sacredness.

The most widely used way of honouring the Goddess is that of the triple Goddess.
She is the ruler of the Moon and is invoked as the triple Goddess because of this:

  • New and waxing moon = the maiden , fresh, exciting
  • Full Moon = mother and sexuality , bountiful giver
  • Waning moon = crone and wisdom, mystic life secrets

But this is not all, she is or she represents healing, childbirth, love. Her consort is God duality and equality, are the Lord and Lady. But she is the Queen of heaven ………………….
There Is no end to the ways that you can honour the Goddess.

She is ……………
Gaia … The Earth
Ix chel …The Moon … who as a woman faced adversity and turned it around
Oya… who brings Storms winds rainbows, transformation
Mary…who calms them and puts life back together
Nut who births creation gives life to all things
Kali…who destroys it,  the Goddess of time
Maiden, Mother, Crone, Lover, spinster, warrior, nurturer, the Goddess is all of these and names are many.

I personally honour the triple Goddess Brigid, and The Virgin Mary who is known throughout the
world as the Queen of Angels. I believe that she is pure Love.