The Elementals – Sylphs

By February 25, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


The Sylphs of the Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

The word Sylph comes from the Greek word Sylphe which means Butterfly or Moth. This is a beautiful way to visualise Sylphs but usually they are invisible, they are of the Air…

They manifest in the soft breezes… in the wind and clouds.

It is easy to connect with Sylphs by scrying with clouds.

Being aware of the pictures and messages that they present in the sky.

Sylphs are sometimes mistaken as angels as they cross the sky with their huge iridescent wings and their ability to soar with the eagles they are masters of the skies!

If you listen carefully you can hear their chatter on the wind as it passes through caverns and caves.

They guard the mountain peaks where the air is fresh and clean.

Sylphs seem never to grow old and always look fresh and youthful.

When we work with Sylphs we work with the East, to work with Sylphs and the element of Air is to be INSPIRED!

To be free in mind and not scared of chasing ideas and dreams, they help us use the power of our minds our imagination and visualisation techniques using movement in both body and mind.

To connect with Sylphs, find a place in the open where you can feel the wind and clean air on your skin or breathe the natural fragrance of a rose or perfumed flower, hold a feather and work with the lightness of it, play a flute or whistle, light incence to draw them close.