The Elder – 25th November – 23rd December – Tree Lore

By November 24, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Trees were sacred to the druids. They believed that certain trees would represent the characteristics of a person, in relation to when they were born.

Elder – Free spirit, deep thinker, passionate

The Elder is a resilient tree re growing branches with ease. Its hollow steams were used as bellows to aid fires and they were also used to make flutes.

If you were born under the month of the Elder tree you are thought to be a thrill seeker this is due to your desire to live life. You are a deep thinker and this can at times make you appear withdrawn even though you are an extrovert at heart. You are considerate of others but also very passionate about your own beliefs.

Be aware that your passion can sometimes make you appear outspoken even thou you would never intentionally hurt others.