The Crow

By June 28, 2016July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Is the Crow a symbol of warning and death? Or is it a sign of Change?

They have appeared in early folklore as the carriers of messages, and at times they have been associated with death. This may be because, in ancient times, they would be seen on battle fields feeding on the dead. It was thought that Crows would guide souls to the afterlife.

Highly intelligent and adaptable birds, they are able to feed on whatever is available to them. Do we need to consider their adaptability? As a totem, a Crow is thought to support you as you develop the power to view things clearly. This will allow you to transform elements within your life that are stagnant – ‘dead’.

Crows are often associate with mystery, magic, second sight and as an omen of change. They have been considered to be shape shifters and tricksters. Is this bird a sign that we need to be aware of deceiving appearances within our life? Do we need to be mindful that, we ourselves are not being manipulative, in a bid to get our own way?

The Crow is very protective of its nest, staying alert in case of predators. Nesting high up in the trees so that they have a good unhindered view. It will call ‘CAW’ to alert others to danger.

Could they be alerting us, to keep vigilant and to keep a clear mind? Showing us that we too, have a voice and can speak out in truth.

Ask yourself………
Am I being true to myself? (Voicing concerns like the Crow)
Am I allowing myself to reach my full potential? (Being adaptable like the Crow)
Is the Crow signalling that it is time to change, and for us to embrace our own transitions and become more aware of the world around us?