There are many different types of Tarot decks that you can buy on the open market, you can even get them from all good book stores and internet sites, but tradition states that you should never buy your own cards, they should be given as a gift.

There are many different tarot spreads that can be used i.e. the Romany spread or the Celtic Cross, these are two of the most common used, but the best spread to use is the one developed from your heart.

Runes are known as an ancient alphabet used by many readers to tell people their past, present and future.

Personal readings by telephone, Skype or Zoom

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After the new moon, the sunlit portion is increasing, but less than half, so it is waxing crescent. After the first quarter, the sunlit portion is still increasing, but now it is more than half, so it is waxing gibbous. After the full moon (maximum illumination), the light continually decreases. So the waning gibbous phase occurs…
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