By August 2, 2016July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

futhark-norrc3b8ntThe original word used was Runa meaning ‘a whisper.’

The runes come from the Germanic alphabet and were used as part of their writing system. They later began to be used by shamans who developed their use in regards to divination. There are 24 symbols in total, and each one has a particular meaning. They can be used like Tarot cards within a spread. However single runes can also be used for guidance to simple questions.

Runes can be used as a divination tool. They cannot give us the answers to problems that we may have. However they can be used as signposts, in choosing the most appropriate path to take for ourselves. They will allow you to look more objectively at a situation and give you a different perspective. This will allow you to consider the problem from different angles, so that you can make a clear informed decision.

rune-stonesRunes can also be used for healing, protection and personal enlightenment.

As with any divination tool, when using, you must first tune into their energy or vibrations. Meditating is a good way to begin to use the runes. Hold them in your hands and tune in to how they make you feel, what sensations you get from them. This will eventually help you to work more fluidly with them.

Each rune symbol also links to a tree, herb, crystal and colour all of which help you to have a better insight and understanding.

To use hold your rune bag and meditate and focus your mind, on the question or issue you need guidance with. Do not ask Yes or No questions. For example do not ask… ‘Should I take this new job?’ instead ask… ‘I ask the runes to comment on my new job offer’ you will then be attracted to pick out a rune, due to the vibrational energy given.

The number of runes that you choose, will depend on the type of rune spread you are working with. A useful spread to begin with is, The Four Element Spread. Four runes are used and placed in a diamond shape.

  1. North placement – represents Earth, symbolic of physical lessons
  2. West placement – represents Water, symbolic of our emotions
  3. South placement – represents Fire, symbolic of our own expression and spiritual path
  4. East placement – represents Air, symbolic of gaining knowledge and wisdom

Once you have chosen and placed your runes in the relevant positions. You can then begin to interpret their meaning, in relation to the question or issue you have.