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Rose is a gifted psychic reader with a life long history of guiding clients by shining light on the pathway towards peace, wellbeing and prosperity. She has cultivated her talents through the study of sidereal astrology, tarot card readings and voice resonance profiling. Rose also has researched criminal investigations to ascertain missing persons and unsolved crimes through remote viewing via astrological charts.

Having to read for thousands of people from all walks of life, she is warm–hearted, friendly and professional in her approach and quickly atunes to the issues at hand and sensing the gravity and content of the inquiries made by the client. She specialises in personal and spiritual empowerment as well as past life analysis and soul mate readings, giving a realistic overview of love and realitionship prospects.

Rose is able to see into past, present and future as well as the karmic processes unfolding around us, which may be causing a blind spot or lack of development. She can assist the client in identifying negative energy fields which may be present or affecting the mindset and suggest practical remedies for a quick and painless solution. Her talents are orientated towards the healing process of listening to and evaluating your, which she feels is the key to finding positive and genuine solutions that hold lasting value.

Rose is a calm and empathic reader who brings a light–hearted and joyous spirit to her consultations. By living and entering into the moment she understands the nature of time and energy, so knows how to make those elements work in your favour. Her forecasting is guided by the moment of contact made with the client; precise information gleamed from the moment in time that the inquiry is made.

Having spent years of travelling and working around the world, Rose has a multicultural and interfaith approach to religion and spiritual life through experiencing the benefits of meditation, music, dance and art. She uses her creative spirit to make meaningful and enjoyable connections with clients so as to enrich their experience of investing in a reading with Psychics Connect.

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