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Christine is a medium and psychic. She works closely with the spirit world by bringing through loved ones who have passed over. She is clairaudient, uses numerology and angel cards in her readings and with the help of her spirit guides and angels, works as a healer.

Christine asks that when a client seeks a reading they need to be open to the truth. “We all want to hear what our heart desires but readings should empower us, not fool us. We alone make all the decisions and changes in our life, but Spirit will clarify a situation or bring awareness of a different direction or thought process. Just remember to trust the feelings of the heart and not the chatter of the mind and don’t make the mistake of thinking that Spirit can make things happen for us.

I am always amazed at how cleverly Spirit gives clarity and information and I trust totally what is passed on to my clients, otherwise I could not do this work.”

Christine has developed her skills over a long period of time and is passionate about all esoteric subjects and teachings from the spirit world. She loves to channel the philosophy and wisdom of her guides. Determined to empower the lives of others, she is a teacher of spiritual development and believes totally in living connected to the divinity of Spirit.

“We are all divine, but the degree to which we are conscious and responsible for our actions, is the degree of that divinity. It is the inner self we reflect in our deeds and thoughts. We all evolve and our divinity strengthens with time, but not always in one lifetime.

I just tune in to the frequency needed to hear Spirit. It is something that is inherent to all of us if we choose to listen. I like to think some of us are born with the frequency preset, whilst others need help with the fine—tuning. I consider myself a representative for Spirit and I am honoured to do this work.

My readings are always honest and I attribute the guidance and clarity of information to the love and empathy felt and given by Spirit for us.

Love is the cosmic glue for the universe. We seek it desperately yet do not ourselves give it unconditionally and our experiences reflect this. We are not victims and God has not abandoned us just because our lives are sometimes difficult or lonely. We exist to learn and evolve and need to look at every situation and emotion from the perspective of what our soul needs to experience for inner spiritual growth.”

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