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Kim is clairvoyant and clairsentient. From a very young age, her spirit guides have helped her. At that time she thought they were fairies. She always had imaginary friends including two little elves "who used to hang around with me".

“The majority of what I pick up around a client comes from my spirit guides. I am always able to understand what my guides are revealing to me. I don’t go into a trance and I am always fully aware of what I am saying. They would never give me anything that was outside my own understanding”.

Kim also does hands—on healing and is planning to train as a counsellor. Kim often sends healing to her clients and has found that her voice has a strong healing ability. “I feel that this is coming from a higher source through my guides. They are healing the person through my voice.”

Kim can sense if a person is ready to move forward in their spiritual development. Sometimes people will ask her for guidance and help to move on. "Some people just aren’t ready to move on at that time. If they are, spirit will come in. Basically, everybody has a sixth sense. Everybody possesses psychic ability. Some people call it intuition, others an inner knowing. It’s learning to know what is instinct and what is just a thought and learning to listen to your instinct”.

When she’s not working, Kim likes to keep fit by swimming and working out at the gym. She describes herself as ’constantly studying’ and always looking for information that will help her in what she does.

Kim likes to help you ’to see your own way through, rather than give you the answers’ and to feel you can work it out for yourself. You’ll find a reading with her both illuminating and uplifting.

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