Mindfulness – Day 7

By May 29, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Day 7 already! Something that we all do is eat on the go, while watching television, texting or reading emails. Today we will be aiming to relax our minds and focus during a meal.

To eat your meal sit at a table alone if possible without distraction.
Initially look at your food, think about the colours, how does it smell? When you begin to eat your mind will begin to wonder, gently refocus. Chew slowly and actually think about how the food tastes.
Put the food down between eat mouthful and pause before the next bite.

Hopefully you will find that during this time you will feel more relaxed and you my even feel fuller than normal. This is because your body is being given the time, to register that you have eaten. You are also becoming more in tune with your body and emotions.


Well done you have reached your 7 day goal……if not start a fresh now, as you are worth it!

So how did you feel the week went?
Look back over the week and consider, how incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine has influenced your week. If during your reflection, your mind begins to drift and revisit negative situations or emotions from that week, gently acknowledge the thought but then refocus and breathe.

Have you been kinder to yourself this week? Possibly by limiting the number of negative thoughts that you have had.

Could you incorporate being mindful more widely each day?

Finally 7 days is a short time and developing being mindful takes practice. However by using the different techniques suggested, subtle changes to old unhelpful habits can be made.

Remember we cannot change the past, the future is yet to come, so focus on the here and now.