Beautiful, authentic Hampshire Hag Stones

By June 16, 2014July 11th, 2023Store

All of our Hag Stones are 100% natural sea stones, made by nature over time and so therefore retain all their properties.

Hag Stones are stones that have a small hole running all the way through them, created by the action of a powerful flow of water such as a river, stream or sea. It is a common belief that magic cannot work on running water and as the stones are tunnelled by the force of this element, they retain its beneficial influence. This makes then very good charms for deflecting negative energies from the bearer. Hag Stones are also known as Holy Stones, Wish Stones, Nightmare Stones and Witch Riding Stones.

In medieval times they were credited with the power of protecting both people and animals from the influences of evil spirits and were hung around the neck, or on the key or door. Larger Hag Stones were sometimes used for weather magic. A cord was threaded through the hole and tied. The stone would then be swirled around the head arm’s length for dispelling winds and rain Hampshire Hagstones have a range of necklaces, key rings and larger hag stones