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Ostara or the is a celebration of earth’s renewal and awakening which comes during this season.

It is a solar festival which is celebrated on 20th March this year. When the hours of light and dark are equal. This will not happen again until the Autumn Equinox.

Pagans believe that the green man born of mother earth during winter will grow and thrive up until Samhain. Often we too, like nature can feel rejuvenated by spring. As with many pagan festivals this was later merged with the Christian celebration of Easter.

The Hare, Easter and Eostre

There are various goddesses – often lunar, associate with the Hare. The most relevant for this time is Eostre or Ostara an Anglo-Saxon goddess who represented dawn and rebirth. The hare is nocturnal and was thought to die every dawn with the moon and resurrect each evening. Representing the cycle of life and balance. It also represents fertility as a Hare can conceive while pregnant.

A beautiful story of the Hare and the Goddess –

Once upon a time the animal kingdom came together for a meeting. This was no ordinary gathering a special guest was to arrive – The Goddess herself!

The animals scurried around in preparation, trying to find the best gift that they could present to her.

The Hare loved the Goddess but was very worried. He had no gold, silver or jewels to offer and so he looked around his home. He began to realise how little he had…

All that he owed was an egg, the last one in his larder, so he cleaned it and then lovingly decorated it.

At the gathering he waited and was the last animal to step forward with his gift….

The Goddess accepted the decorated egg and as she looked at it, she saw the love and true spirit of the Hare. She then made him her special animal, because he had given away all that he had with love.


As with all Wiccan celebrations community and family are at its heart giving thanks for what we have.

Eggs are often used as symbols of fertility and so decorate eggs as gifts or to display on your altar.

Ostara is a celebration of new beginnings. This can be represented by planting seeds or preparing your garden for new plants. You can also bring nature into the home by either growing a herb garden in your kitchen or displaying flowers in vases.

To represent the new beginnings start a new hobby or try a completely new activity.
Burn yellow candles to welcome the sun and its light
This Sabbats colours are Yellow, pink and light green.
Place a Hare totem on your altar to represent spring and honour the lunar goddesses.

Have a blessed Ostara

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