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Monthly Horoscope for SEPTEMBER 2017


Hi Aries this is a transitional month for you when your domestic concerns change to professional goals it will be a time to use your emotional strengths to accomplish your goals !Your social contacts will play a major role in your success this month and as your career is the major focus during this month of September your work environment will be a harmonious place to be ,so set your intent and strive to do your best so that you achieve your aims as you now have the planetary strength to help you. Be sure to trust your own judgement and gut instinct so that you will make the best and right decisions to move your career forward.

For those working or planning their own business money will be made this month as Venus and Jupiter bring you luck and focus and Mars will help with the financial success after the 11th new investments and financial projects will be prosperous.

As regards to Love put your running shoes on as love is getting ready to chase you !your charisma will draw love to you if you are single do not be over critical as this may limit your choices and you could miss someone who will turn out to be very worthy, if you are in a relationship re affirm your passion and make more time to feel the heat of your fire sign.

Keep on the new exercise regime, diet and meditation results will start to show.


Stop listen do not be the bull in a china shop this month! Family and friends are important so sit down and find a compromise to the problems by talking be grounded as the Earth sign you are and leave the psychological games alone you will be in your strength and power by standing and speaking your truth , do not confuse strength with aggression.

Do not expect immediate success in any new career projects this month as your career is taking a back seat, if you are looking for new work or forging a new business it will take time, hard work to and imagination bring to fruition this month but if you apply all of the above it will pay off.

The planet Pluto is enhancing romance in your life during September so use your allure to form a new love partnership as this will prove to be a good match, however do not forget the focus this month is to put your energy into harmonising the family.

Health is good this month but an extra bit of vitamin C wouldn`t go amiss.


Time to take a nice breath …and relax for this is a month of calm waters and warm sun on your face as the planets are smiling at you this beautiful month of September your professional and business life will tick along easily with no cause for concern monetary projects will be finished and stable by mid month and because everything feels stable you will feel more confident , if you are waiting on a decision or offer re: finances it will be good so this will give you more time to focus on YOU.

Try to bring this balance into your home environment as well look at re decorating or introducing some Feng Shui tips to balance your home energy , as you feel more balanced within your home and it becomes your sacred space you will find that you are becoming more attractive to others and love will surround you.

Look to alternative therapies to provide the right energy balance this month maybe a massage or some Reiki.


The C in cancer stands for many things this month of September , Compromise , Collaboration , Caring and Calm as the focus will be on your domestic life and family , a family member may need your support with their new venture and this is where your calm and care will be needed , as situations cannot be controlled during this month , however this venture can be built and bring financial gain to those involved but commitment will be needed.

Love will be complex as you focus on the above and the support that you will be giving will hinder your availability for romance and communication as you may be too busy to make that” date ” so do try to find the compromise with your time and create some balance to allow you some down time as the success of a relationship will depend on this , maybe some R and R, a day in nature maybe a picnic in the park can help you calm and focus your mind bringing back the balance.


As with all cats you will be looking to find Peace and Harmony in your home this month and a warm place on a sunny window sill would be perfect for you Leos this month ! take the time to sit and decide what it is that you want in life and then set your intent to get it!

This is a good move to look for a change in role at work or even look for a new job as you have strong mental stability to focus this September allowing your mind to structure plans that will project you forward in your profession maybe even travelling overseas with your job or business.

As your finances are quite robust this month you will have the confidence to your options in expanding your income be brave as a Lion and be successful!

Single Leos should be looking closer to home for love but be mindful not to go too quickly into a new relationship making commitments off the back of a whirlwind affair , romance is bright and beautiful after mid September so take your time for it to blossom.

As you take your time with love take time to plan meals and eat your greens rather than rush into a takeaway take the natural root to energy boost not a sugar rush.


Congratulations Virgo ! this is the month that you can change your life , you have the ability , desire and ability to take control of what you want and manifest it in, now you have the chance to dictate to yourself and the Universe what you want and without depending on others take control of achieving it . Look at your career and tweek and refine it to bring in the success you desire you do not have to compromise this month as the world is your oyster and the finances will now start to flow after a tricky few months , truly liberating you ! Opportunities will present themselves bringing new earning opportunities and possible new business partnerships that will boost your income.

Although love is presenting itself to you in the first week of this month your commitment will be lacking as your focus is on money and career let love take a back seat as you now focus on you and your health and fitness building not only your energy but your confidence as well.


Your Spirituality , Spirit and Soul will be your focus this month Libra as there is a need to connect with your inner voice, guides and the Universe if you can take the time to connect spiritually either through meditation or holistic therapies it will bring emotional focus and stability , a quiet acceptance and knowledge that you know what is right for you and what you need to do to confront the problems that you are dealing with now , this new interest in exploring spirituality may lead you into exploring new religions or beliefs that you can learn from taking what you need from each discovery and applying it to your life, find the inner peace Libra this is the time to do it.

Career and work look stable and during your spiritual journey you may see new ways to succeed in your professional life because sometimes if we change the way we look at things the things we look at change as the late Mother Theresa said.

Focus on what you have and want and not what has gone before to open the flow for more money, new friends and a wider social circle that will lead to an abundance of love and romance


Although your professional environment may become challenging at the beginning of the month try to stay focused and objective because if you do once we get through the challenges you will start to prosper with monetary rewards being bestowed upon you and also an improvement in your status within the workplace , Financially during this month you will flourish and new openings to a higher position will present itself look for promotion be confident and go for it.

Your love life is electric ! and love will truly be in the air as it will surround you like your own little love cloud whether you are out socialising or at work you ooze sex appeal and attract the opposite sex to you like moths to a flame , dont get burnt by burning the candle at both ends remember you have a job to go to so make sure you do get some sleep and eat well.


Nose to the grindstone this month Sagitarius ! your career is your focus and priority this month as it is time to concentrate on your professional growth , there is a need to accomplish all of your targets this month , concentration is essential so make sure that you dot the i`s and cross the t`s in everything that you do at work , if you can give your work this focus and commitment it will pay off in more ways than one and there will be major improvements in status and finances , the overtime will certainly pay off as you may need to look at your outgoings.

Socially this can be a good month although you are working hard try to have some time to play singles keep your eyes and heart open ! couples … time to take your commitment to the next level.

Take some time to detox and look to having some crystal healing to remove any blockages


Transition is the buzz word this month Capricorn because you will feel yourself moving forward in life , work and love if you allow yourself to do it ! although you may be dependent on those around you at the beginning of the month for support in the changes you are making you have the strength and determination to achieve the goals you have set yourself after the 11th look to receive recognition via a pay rise or promotion and as your confidence grows and you claim your independence you will be able to make the strong decisions that are needed to project your life forward to the next level after the 21st.

Compared to last month finances are stabilising so keep up the good work spend a bit save a bit is your mantra.

Romance is fun although commitment is absent enjoy the flexibility and freedom that it brings.

Don’t forget to take time to sit and still try to meditate or try some yoga.


Communication is the key! set your intent early this month and stick to the decisions you make so that earnings can improve and your targets met at work as well as at home be organised failing to prepare is preparing to fail , because after the 11th life could get a little complicated due to the planetary activity around and you may have to face various unusual challenges from different areas in your life which will leave you feeling a bit lost and confused that will then make you appear tense and snappy to those around you, now that you are aware of that you can monitor your behaviour and if you feel the tension building take time to sit back and breathe, by the end of this month it will all have turned in your favour so don`t stress just keep plodding on and get through it.

Love will be more physical than romantic but a hug and a kiss will help you de stress! Be mindful not to overdo the caffeine or smoking go for a walk instead.


The planet Jupiter is here to help with work and career this month which is good as you must focus on your domestic life this month , domestic issues must not be ignored ,but this is not a month to be the hero and assert yourself step back a little and watch how things unfold, allow yourself to go with the flow but all the time keeping a watchful eye on the situations that unfold at home ready to step in if you have to but try to allow those closest to you to cope with their problems themselves first.

What was visualised for your career earlier in the year will now start to be implemented so it is good to feel satisfied with your achievements, and an offer to take part in a development scheme or further training will be offered.

Money will continue to stabilise but be mindful not to lend or borrow as this will cause a friendship to end and create a conflict that will not be rectified so caution required.

There will be no problem attracting love this month so if you do not wish to be or want to be linked to a pregnancy proceed with caution and take precautions!

Try to think before you drink this month and maybe reach for a cold milk rather than a cold beer, as the overhaul message is restraint and caution.