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Mother’s Day to me is not only a celebration of mothers but of all women.

I have been lucky enough in my life to meet some wonderful women, who have shown me love, support and guidance. Sadly some are no longer here physically and so to give thanks I like to carry out a ritual to honour them.

On my altar I will use feminine symbols, a cup/chalice, pink candles for love, a deity that holds special meaning, flowers with personal meaning and I will also have photographs of loved ones that I wish to give thanks for and honour. If you do not have a photograph a gift or possession of that person can be used.

At the beginning of the ritual I will quietly meditate and light a candle for each person. Repeating these words.

I stand before you to honour the females that have touched my heart and soul.
I give you an offering of thanks and love for all that you have given me.
I honour all women for their strength, compassion, love, bravery and knowledge.
I will do my best to support others as you have me.

You can write your own words of thanks making the ritual as personal as you wish….

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