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Lunarcraft is an intuitive, empathic clairsentient psychic reader who works closely with her team of spirit and angel guides. Lunarcraft uses tarot cards to make the initial connection with her clients and gives a general overview of the situation as provided by the cards. Once the connection is established, Lunarcraft calls on her guides to pass on relevant information about past, present and future events.

Lunarcraft is an energy worker and sees the energy that surrounds all of us as the vital source of life, healing and abundance. All thoughts that are generated by individuals, conscious or otherwise, are converted into energy, and they are transported to the universe. Once released, a thought cannot be undone, so it is essential that one is careful with the thoughts that are given notice. The way that the thoughts are handled by the client is their responsibility, but Lunarcraft can give guidance on the potential outcome of the thoughts and choices that are available.

Lunarcraft sees her role in reading as one of giving help and support to clients but will be honest about the messages that come from the cards and the guides. However, Lunarcraft will also find ways to help clients to ensure they have sufficient information to aid their decision–making processes while making sure that clients can make their own decisions according to their free–will.

Lunarcraft has been interested in all things spiritual since her mid–teen years and has gathered a lot of information and knowledge over the years in between. Lunarcraft is a Reiki Master and has taught many people how to harness the healing energy and to use this effectively with people and animals. Lunarcraft has also run psychic skills development groups and individual classes, and she intends to re–establish these in the near future. Lunarcraft, along with her immediate family, ran a private retail business, which enabled her to meet some amazing people and to further her knowledge, particularly regarding crystals, oils, colours, different belief systems, paganism and pagan festivals.

Although Lunarcraft is not a practising Christian, she does uphold the values of love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, humanity and charity. Lunarcraft does believe that the divine spirit, irrespective of the names attached to it, lives within each of us and that we all have a responsibility to maintain the balance within ourselves and across the world. It is better, in Lunarcraft’s opinion, to spread well–being, healing, kindness and happiness between people than to be hurtful or angry. Lunarcraft’s church is found outside in nature, and she is at her happiest when she is close to (or in) moving water as this is soothing to her and helps to keep Lunarcraft grounded.

Lunarcraft believes strongly in life after death, and without this belief, it would not be possible for Lunarcraft to work as she does with spirits and angels. One of Lunarcraft’s guides is her late husband, who is particularly helpful when aiding the transition to the spirit world of those who, for whatever reason, have become trapped on the Earth plane.

Lunarcraft recognises that we each have our challenges to face in life and believes that it is the way in which we respond to these trials that determine the ease or difficulty of our life journeys. Lunarcraft takes very seriously the responsibility that she has in working with spirit and the best way to help her clients. She recognises that the readings given for clients could well be a cathartic experience for them and would never be flippant or light–hearted with such a responsibility.

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