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Alexandra’s true calling is spiritual guidance, using all of her senses as a psychic–medium, not only working intuitively but also combining clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Her readings often involve remote viewing to give an in–depth insight into your life & circumstances. She works from the heart to give guidance and clarity, uplifting others while connecting to spirit and angel guides.

She began her spiritual journey looking for answers to her own questions. That journey lead her into the lives of many people as a medium, a counsellor, a healer and a teacher. She is a voice for spirit, a signpost to help others understand their journey; delivering messages compassionately and with empathy.

She is passionate about her work and loves helping people. Having spiritual gifts and the ability to connect with others has grown into demonstrations of mediumship, reading for social groups, one–to–one readings and reading on the telephone. She began demonstrating the positive and compassionate application of her gifts to audiences over twelve years ago. In 2011 she channelled and published my first book ’The Creational Force 2012’.

Alexandra uses the vibration of the tarot to start a reading and link to where she needs to be working with my client. From there her readings grow into communication with guides and spirit. She thoroughly enjoys helping people by connecting with their loved ones who have passed over, to relay loving and helpful guidance.

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