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Robert is a psychic and clairvoyant reader, listening and connecting with voice vibrations. With the use of his crystal ball, tarot cards, spirit guides and psychometry, he will be able to guide you in all areas of your life. Robert’s readings encompass spiritual guidance and he can assist you in the journey along your path. He likes to give an uplifting and inspiring reading. “Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to help us find the missing link, so if you are lost confused, stuck or just unsure where your next turning is I can help you” says Robert.

Robert also works with colours and numbers. He can guide you to the best colours and numbers that work well for you and your life. He is passionate about getting people to open their spiritual side and connect more, learn to listen, believe and to trust their intuition.

Robert grew up with many spiritual things happening, seeing spirits and sensing their energies around him. With not having anyone around who was in to the spiritual side of life he never really thought much about it. When he was in his 20’s, he was given a set of tarot cards and suddenly after years of being lost and unsure about what he wanted to do with his life, he felt that fate stepped in and knew this was what he was destined to do. From that day on he embarked on his own journey of self—discovery. It took another ten years before he felt ready to do the work he does now.

Robert has worked as a psychic for a good number of years and every day is still get amazed by what comes up. Robert says “It is an ongoing lesson of learning and growing. It is a part of who I am and I feel that is why I am here — to help people open up more to their spiritual side and give guidance for their journey”.

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You may call me or any of my spiritual partners for a live psychic reading. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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