Mother’s Day – 26th March 2017

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As Mother’s Day approaches I began to wonder where the idea originated from………

Historically Mothering Sunday was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of lent in the UK. This was a day that servants would have the opportunity to go home to see their families. They would take small gifts with them often flowers. Once home they would visit their own – ‘Mother’ church. Gradually as times changed, the meaning of this day diminished.

In the United States in 1872 Julia Ward Howe an activist and writer came up with the idea of Mother’s Day. She wanted to encourage women to meet and stand for peace and also wanted the day to honour all mothers and the contribution they made. After her death Anna Jarvis her daughter continued to campaign for Mother’s Day to be recognised. By 1914 her determination was rewarded when the president, designated the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. Sadly in later life Anna Jarvis was said to have been saddened, that this day of sentiment had become commercialised.

The creation of Mother’s Day in the US was then adopted here in the UK. However, the date was on the traditionally held Mothering Sunday not May as in the US…..and so the two merged.

Mother’s Day to me is a celebration of all women, the kindness, support and nurturing that we can give. So on this day look around you at all the women in your life. Past and present that have guided you on your journey and give thanks. Also be there for the younger girls or women in your life, who look up to you and need your guidance too.

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