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Monthly Horoscope for NOVEMBER 2017


Head down and nose to the grindstone this month for you Aries as work is your main focus and if it isn’t, it should be! Personal achievements become very important during this month of November and professional success will lead to happiness and stability within the family which will compensate for the time you have spent working.

You will be needing the help of others this month to achieve your goals so be a team player, compromise and share the glory rather than going maverick, this will help you attract interest to the projects that you are working on.

Don’t forget the vitamin C now that winter is here to keep those colds at bay.


This month the planets are busy in your house of career so like your neighbour Aries it’s time to buckle in and put your head down to achieve, showing those around you that when you dig your heels in you can grow your ideas into something tangible and pursue a new path that will be rewarding and profitable, earnings will increase this month helping you to clear old loans and generate extra money for the end of year festivities so be bold but most of all committed.

At work be cautious when making professional decisions scrutinise everything to do with work this month don’t just jump in with both feet but step carefully through any issues or problems that present themselves.

However the place in your world to celebrate this month Libra is your love life for there is an abundance of love surrounding you your charm will be captivating this month leading to fun dates and new love for those who are single and cosy intimate nights if in a relationship already leading to a feeling of good health and contentment.


Mercury is your friend this month Gemini and its influence will be good for implementing your new career plans, generating more business and profit, whether you are applying for a better job or expanding/starting your own business be confident but not pushy let things develop naturally and accept the help that is offered from friends or family. Financially things will be so much better after the 13th and this will allow you to indulge yourself in a little bit of luxury as more income is generated. Socially you will be more active and for you singletons your charisma and charm will attract a new love interest for those in a relationship more passion is on the way and any commitment issues will be resolved.

Introduce some cinnamon into your diet this month to ward off the chills.


November is all about creating balance this month for you cancer because home and work really need to be treated with equal importance, be prepared to agree to a few compromises so that your goals can be achieved and peace reigns amongst those you love and work with, a new job opportunity will present itself but may take you out of your comfort zone but there seems to be an abundance of opportunities so do not rush into making any snap decisions this month and make sure you read all the small print in anything you are signing or agreeing to.

Finances seem to be ticking along nicely this month so allow yourself some fun ! take time out with people you love and whose company you enjoy.

Warm drinks and plenty of Oranges to keep you snuffle free.


Step back and breath this month Leo, do not let your inner Lion roar until it needs to , stop and look at things from a different perspective first otherwise there will be conflict that will overflow from work to home or vice versa and we would prefer to hear a purring lion this month!

Your career will cruise along this month, finances are stable as long as you leave any investments or large purchases to the end of the month, so try leaving work on time leave the overtime for a week or so at least and put those extra hours in at home as love is in the air and committed relationships could become permanent and singles will be in demand thanks to Neptune and Uranus being in forward motion brightening your love prospects.

Try to get some rest as well this month so you are ready for the party season snuggle down in front of a warm fire with hot drinks to build your immune system for the winter ahead.


Home and hearth is your focus this month Virgo, it`s time to invest in your creature comforts, whether this is new cushions or décor or inviting the family around for home cooked meals home is definitely where the heart is this month.

Your career is still moving forward and you are shining without trying so be confident that all is going to plan flexibility is the key and an opportunity to study or train for something will be offered and will be beneficial in more ways than one as love could present itself in an academic setting so say yes. If already settled romantically snuggle down in that home you have created and feel the warmth! Money is settled so keep plodding on there.

Look after your emotional health by enjoying the home and hearth vibe, relax Virgo.


Harmony in the home is the key this month for you Libra, psychologically the focus has to be with those around you in your family environment to maintain your own mental health as family issues can be challenging so care is needed to create harmony within the family and strengthen your emotional bonds, your career should be entering a peaceful phase this month and will give you the opportunity to visualise where you want your career to go and make plans to manifest it in during the next few months.

Finances are becoming centre stage after the 15th and you will have the Midas touch, your earnings and potential earnings can be boosted by the offer of a promotion be brave and take it.

Relationships will prove tricky and if caution is not taken will prove to be problematic so try not to over react but think carefully before you walk away from a relationship and take your time if entering a new one.
Do not over indulge with food or drink as this is a month to treat your stomach gently.


Time to stop and look at your career this month Scorpio and review your progress, where can you make the changes and how are you going to do it and if you cannot see the way forward then maybe it is time to look elsewhere, but be mindful sometimes we jump from the fat into the fire so look at what you want and if you can achieve your goals with a few small changes where you are.

Thankfully money is good this month and you really do seem to be on top of your finances, however that doesn`t mean you are in the position to give it away so when helping friends or family show some restraint.

Your beautiful light shines and your charismatic personality attracts people to you like moths to a flame enjoy the attention you deserve it, love is all around you so enjoy it as joy boosts the immune system and aids good health.


PEACE and HARMONY are the buzz words for all you Sagittarians this November and that is what is needed in all areas of your life this month stability, security will all be achieved if you can maintain the peace so leave work at work this month and create the balance for your personal life maybe learn to meditate or put some time aside for yourself just to sit in the quiet and still your mind for a while, this will help you realise that all is possible and any financial strains that you are struggling with at the moment will soon clear if you just breathe and be practical about them put new strategies in place and mid month you will see yourself in a better position financially.

Love life can also be complex for you now so go back to the beginning and hold close the buzz words be peaceful and harmonious and those around you will also calm down and alleviate the pressure that they are placing on you, by the end of the month everything will have settled down and you will be able to see the way forward.

Detox, destress balance within will help balance everything else.


Although your career needs focus this month and cannot be neglected you will have to designate time to your family all through this month helping others hold it together will be your role within the home but at work BOLD actions will help you accomplish and will bring you the praise that you deserve but you must make sure that you finish everything this month not leaving anything to chance but completing projects and tasks before starting new ones with the eclipse in line for the 29th the impact of it will bring focus to your work so be organised.

You will be a magnet for both love and money this month and anything to do with telecommunication is well favoured whether it’s a phone interview or negotiating a new phone tariff go for it.

Your beauty truly does shine from within so be the star that you are and shine!


Work, Work and more Work for you Aquarius the more you sow this month so shall you reap and for this month time has to be put in, influential people at work will notice your efforts and help you achieve your next step up the career ladder and make the changes to situations so that you are able to overcome any challenges you feel you have and the changes at work will bring happiness back to the home. Due to the influence of Neptune and Uranus your finances that felt in limbo will start to move and improve as will your love life bringing a new feeling of bliss into your life.

Try to conserve your energy this month as you will be working hard early nights and healthy eating are the rule.


This month is a time of transition for you Pisces so allow yourself to blossom and grow, be confident and allow yourself to be ambitious! This is not a month to hide your light under a bushel you are able to mould situations to your benefit and as you step up to your role you will be seen as capable and strong in your role career development looks good and training and study will be offered be diligent in your work and show your best as it will be noticed and rewarded.

Protect your finances this month as you may need to travel for education or work and expenses are not always get paid on time.

Changes are coming in all relationships and sometimes these transitional times are scary but a change is as good as a rest and the remarkable changes around you this month are all in your favour Stay calm and remember to practice mindfulness to ground you through this time.