Meditation and the Wiccan Elements

By September 4, 2016July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Woman sitting in lotus position on green grass in front of the mountains

Mediation is a key principle of Wiccan practice as it allows you to align yourself with the natural elements around you. It helps you to centre yourself, allowing your mind to clear and connect with spirit who will help to support and guide you on your path.

Mediation is a skill that needs time and patience to develop and should be done on a daily basis. As with any activity, practise will improve your ability and confidence. A useful tool is to keep a journal, make a note of your feelings and experiences during mediation. These will be useful for you to reflect on, at a later date.

Initially you may find it useful to use the Wiccan Elements of Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These can be used, to help focus your thoughts during mediation. Once you understand these elements, they will guide you in other aspects of Wiccan practice.

Fire – if we consider that fire can be very destructive but it also can purify, cleanse and give warmth. We begin to understand that it is a strong positive element if used wisely. It represents passion, strength, endurance and stability. If we have too much of the fire element we can feel out of control. However if we do not have passion then we can lack drive and motivation. When meditating focusing on a candle which is safe and controlled. We can then begin to focus on this element, in a controlled way and harness its positive aspect.

Water – This represents our emotions, love and intuition. Water is essential for life to exist. During meditation we can use this element to consider our own emotions and how they are effecting us. Water can look very calm and inviting, but underneath the surface there can be strong currents that we could get carried away with. Consider how you are feeling under the surface? Are you letting your emotions flow? If not like water they will become stagnant. Using this element allows us to consider movement and letting go. Using the Water element can help our emotions flow more freely and not become stagnant.

Air – This is connected to intelligence, knowledge, creativity and psychic ability. We all open the windows to let in the fresh air, we go for a walk to clear our heads unknowingly we are already using this element to clear energies. During mediation by using the element of air – concentrate on you breathing this will help you to clear your mind and release tension from your body. Enabling your to have a clearer, fresher perspective when considering questions you may have.

Earth – An element which represents endurance, stability, prosperity, and own body. This element relates to mother earth and our foundations. Its helps us to become grounded and focus on what we truly need to nurture ourselves. When meditating it helps you to consider your responsibility to nurture yourself and to look at building firm sustainable foundations, from which to grow.

Spirit – This element is present in nature and all around us. Therefore by using the other four elements we can strengthen our connection with Mother Earth. Creating calm and peace within our environment, mind and body.