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  1. H. Marsten says:

    Had a wonderful reading from Lynn. She really helped me very much in a time of need and soothed my soul. She was bang on and was clearly a genuinely lovely lady. I would thoroughly recommend her .Thank you sooo much xxx

  2. W.H. says:

    Ear to ear you out a smile in my face. I’m feeling so lucky and blessed after my reading with you. You have given me a better perspective and outlook in life. I am now enlightened and refreshed. Thank you for a wonderful reading.

  3. C.T. says:

    I am delighted to have found you, Lynn. I have many wonderful readings with you and I hope to have many more.

  4. L.T. says:

    Lynn cares so much for others and imparts her knowledge and wisdom in such a unique, funny, practical and non—judgmental way! Many Thanks for all your support and guidance, you are a true angel in disguise.

  5. J.B. says:

    Lynn you are a special lady, truly inspirational. I’d be lost without you. Love & light!

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