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Tree Lore

Trees are sacred to many cultures for example the Celts and the Native Americans. They would use the trees for both practical and magical purposes. Often trees were used in meditations to help direct energies or to draw on the characteristics of the tree.

The leaves, branches and fruits are also said to contain spirit and were often used in magical rites.

Ancient Druids believed that trees were sacred and possessed wisdom and knowledge, from throughout the ages. Therefore when creating a system of astrology, trees were an integral part of this.

The Druids also believed that each tree had its own characteristics and if you were born during the month relating to a particular tree. You would in turn have certain personality traits.

Rowan – 21st January to 17th February – Protection, intuition, magic, divination.

This tree is connected to the festival of Imbolc and the goddess Brigid who represents rebirth and spirit.

The Rowan has been used since ancient times for protection from harmful influences and negative energies. It also aids your intuition and insights into situations.

If you were born in this Rowan month you are thought to be a creative thinker, often seeing things from a different perspectives to others. Creating solutions that are not always consider the norm. You also have good intuition which you should not be afraid of trusting.