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Let’s Talk Spirit: A Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Autobiography

My earliest memories of connecting with spirit are … my earliest memories…
spirit was a huge part of my childhood and accepted into our family life to a point …
and the point to be made is there is no death … the work is to take away the fear of death
It is said that we can choose our friends ….

I feel Spirit chose me and as a child I welcomed them in , as friends and teachers and my beloved Grandmother who nurtured my work from the other side.

I was blessed with their patience and care but mostly their love and guidance which I strive to share with those who come into my life.

My work is my passion and my own beautiful family support me in it
I am an International Medium, Healer
Ribbon and Tarot reader
As well as appearing on stage delivering messages from Spirit.

I am a certificated teacher of Meditation and currently run classes in Meditation, Psychic development, ribbon reading and tarot.

I travel the U.K and overseas hoping to bring my gift and humour to the Spiritual retreats and classes that I facilitate, working with love and laughter, forever humble in the presence of Spirit.

Here are some testimonials from people who have read the book.

Like the author, this book is insightful honest and amazing! this journey into spirit with one of the Englands top mediums will leave you uplifted and inspired.cant wait for more books down the line this book oozes wisdom and profound glimpses into other realms a must read for those walking any spiritual path as wisdom is universal. Highly recommended.

Lynn has an exceptional story to tell and has always ensured she comes from a place of love! An amazing story from an amazing lady and this book has been a long time coming for those who Lynn has supported through the years despite her own troubles!
Sandeep B

Amazing and honest book – well worth the read. I loved every minute of it.